Terms and Conditions Febe Mahee Producties      

Last updated November 19, 2022



Table of contents

 1 – Identity of the entrepeneur

 2 – Copyright

 3 – Applicability

 4 – The offer of products       

 5 – The agreement

 6 – No right of withdrawal

 7 – Prices

 8 – Warranty

 9 – Delivery

 10 – Payments

 11 – Complaints


1 – Identity of the entrepeneur Febe Mahee Productions (FMP)

Company Name:                       ActingWorks

Trade Name:                            Febe Mahee Producties

Adress:                                    Jupiterweg 3

                                               4105JJ  Culemborg

                                               The Netherlands

Phone:                                     +31 6 42989517

Email:                                       [email protected]

Website:                                   https://softpianomusic.com

Chamber of Commerce
(Kamer van Koophandel):          30277756

VAT number                
(BTW-id):                                 NL001320980B58


2 – Copyright

Copyright ebook products:       © Irma Merkestein

All rights reserved. No part of the publications, that can be found in the webshop ‘Soft Piano Music’ may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of copyright owner of the ebooks.


3 – Applicability

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer from FMP and to every distance contract
    and orders concluded between FMP and the consumer.
  2. The text of these General Terms and Conditions can be downloaded via this link.

4 – The offer of products   

  1. The offer of products is without obligations. FMP is entitled to change and adjust the range of products. We make every effort to display as accurately as possible the specifications and details of the available products. Obvious mistakes or obvious errors in the offer are not binding on FMP.

  1. All images, specifications and data in the offer are indicative and cannot give rise to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.

  2. Images accompanying products are a true representation of the products offered. FMP cannot guarantee that the displayed colors correspond exactly to the real colors of the products.

  3. For each offer, the website (https://softpianomusic.com) contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are attached to the acceptance of the offer.

    This concerns in particular:

  • the price including taxes;
  • the manner in which the agreement will be concluded and which actions are required for this;
  • whether or not the right of withdrawal applies;
  • the method of payment, delivery and execution of the agreement;
  • the privacy codes of conduct to which FMP has subjected itself and the way in which the consumer can consult these privacy codes of conduct electronically. See the Privacy Notice for this.


5 – The agreement

  1. The agreement is concluded at the moment of acceptance by the consumer of the offer and the fulfillment of the associated conditions.

  2. If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, FMP will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance of the offer electronically. As long as the agreement of this acceptance has not been confirmed by FMP, the consumer can dissolve the agreement.

  3. The agreement is concluded electronically. FMP takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and payments,FMP ensures a safe web environment.


6 – No Right of Withdrawal

  1. The products in our webshop ‘Soft Piano Music’ are digital in content (ebook).
    The right of withdrawal does not apply to products of digital content.

  2. The consumer has no right of withdrawal in the event of:
    The delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium, insofar as the fulfillment has started with the express prior consent of the consumer and the consumer has stated that he thereby waives his right of withdrawal.

  3. In the checkout process of our webshop, the consumer must expressly agree to this.
    He/she can do this by checking a checkbox that explicitly indicates:
    I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions and I expressly agree that the ebooks are exempt from return so that I waive my cooling-off period and give permission for immediate delivery

7 – Prices

  1. The prices stated in the offer of products include VAT.
  2. No shipping costs are charged.


8 – Warranty

  1. We care about our products and we do our best to deliver them to you in top condition. Nevertheless, it may happen that a product is broken during didgital transport or that something else happens that allows you to make a claim under warranty.

  2. Under European law, we are liable for any lack of conformity that becomes apparent within a period of two years after delivery of the goods. You may have additional rights under Dutch law.

  3. If you discover a defect in the product, please contact us within the reasonable term of one month. If you contact us in time, we will arrange a free replacement.


 9 – Delivery time

  1. The place of delivery is the email address that the consumer has made known to the company.

  2. FMP is not responsible for the consequences of incorrectly passing on the email address by the consumer.

  3. The products in our webshop ‘Soft Piano Music’ are digital in content (ebook). This means that they can be downloaded almost immediately (or within some minutes) after payment.

    Downloading can be done in two ways:
       a) via de ‘Download’ buttons that can be found in the online ‘Order’ overview (that will appear when the payment is completed).
        b) via the ‘Download’ buttons that can be found in the ‘Order’ overview that was sent by e-mail.

  4. These download links are active for one day. Only one download per payment is possible.


10 – Payment methods

  1. You can pay for your order in different ways. We currently offer the following payment methods:

    a.      PayPal

    b.      PayPal iDEAL

    c.      PayPal Sofort

    d.      PayPal Credit Card

    e.      Stripe Visa

    f.       Stripe Master Card

    g.     Stripe American Express


11 – Complaints

  1. If you have a complaint, please contact us by email: [email protected].

  2. From 15 February 2016, it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/odr. If your complaint is not yet being handled elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

  1. Agreements between FMP and the consumer to which these General Terms and Conditions apply are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Even if the consumer lives abroad.

  1. The Vienna Sales Convention does not apply.Last updated November 19, 2022
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